Partnering with “Lead By Example Reverse The Trend” for the Anti-Violence Basketball Tournament


The Foundation for a Drug-Free World, Americas Chapter sponsored the Red-Ribbon Cutting & Kick-Off Basketball Game, for a series of games to come, by Lead By Example Reverse The Trend, and the NYPD.

News 12 The Bronx covered the story and the great works these organizations are doing to unite the Bronx community with the NYPD. The purpose of the games is to bring together teens, youth and the local police — by playing basketball! “Lead By Example Reverse The Trend” focus on empowering youth and teens through sports and by teaching them how to play basketball. They then teamed up with the NYPD and played against the NYPD team, facilitating unity in the community and fun.

In addition to sponsoring the event, the Foundation for a Drug-Free World provided drug education and prevention materials through its Truth About Drugs campaign to the players, provided free drug education booklets, conducted the drug-free pledge with students, and overall, co-produced these basketball games and events. The game took place in the Bronx at a New York City Department of Parks & Recreation basketball court.

Photo Credits: Austin Donohue