Recognitions & Accolades

Govt Recognitions
I recognize that in the Foundation for a Drug-Free World we have an organization worthy of our highest respect and esteem. The Foundation for a Drug-Free World, Northeast Chapter has made more than 200 drug awareness presentations in just the last two years. These presentations provide a vital service by giving our young people the tools they need to live drug free and empowering them to make the right choices.
— New York State Senator, The Late Jose Peralta
Local Recognitions
The Foundation for a Drug-Free World and its Truth About Drugs campaign has reached over 50,000 students and helped bring about a reduction of drug usage amongst our youth. The Council of the City of New York proudly honors the members and supporters... of The Foundation for a Drug-Free World for their unwavering commitment and outstanding contributions to a drug-free future.
— Congresswoman, Grace Meng